Topics of 8th Russian Conference on clinical hemostasis and hemorheology

  1. Thrombosis in oncology and oncohematology.
  2. Thrombosis and hemorrhage in obstetrics.
  3. Thrombosis and hemorrhage in surgery and traumatology-orthopedics.
  4. Coagulation disorders in ICU.
  5. Pathology of platelet-mediated hemostasis and vascular wall. Antiplatelet and angioprotective agents.
  6. Venous thromboembolism.
  7. Hemocoagulation problems in pediatrics and neonatology.
  8. Arterial and venous thrombosis in cardiology and neurology.
  9. Organ blood flow disorders, microcirculation and blood rheology.
  10. Pharmacogenomics.
  11. Warfarin and new oral anticoagulant. New indications for NOAK.
  12. Heparins: past, present and future.
  13. Clinical transfusiology and hemostasis disorders.
  14. Acute bleeding, care and preventions. Patient's blood management.
  15. Hemophilia. Thrombocytopathias. Von Willebrand Disease.
  16. An Update on Laboratory Diagnostics in hemostasis and hemorheology.
  17. Autoimmune diseases and pathology of hemostasis.
  18. New tools for diagnosis, therapy and prevention of hemostasis disorders and blood rheology disturbances.
  19. Thrombolytic therapy.
  20. Basic research for clinical practice.